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Chronic Sinusitis Treatment

Chronic Sinusitis

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus lining. If the sinus opening becomes blocked due to this swelling, normal mucus drainage may not occur, and this may lead to recurrent sinus infections and painful symptoms. Sinusitis can be acute, lasting for less than four weeks, or chronic, lasting longer than 12 weeks. When sinus symptoms last longer than 12 weeks, you should see an ENT doctor for a diagnosis.

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Treatment for Sinusitis

Don't just treat the symptoms.

Most sinusitis treatments focus on relieving the symptoms but don’t necessarily address the root cause. For instance, the typical treatment for sinusitis begins with medication prescribed by your doctor. However, up to 60% of chronic sinusitis sufferers don’t get relief with medication. For these patients, a surgical procedure is usually recommended. However, the problem with most surgical options is that they are very invasive and require a long recovery time.

What we offer is a less invasive option used by ENT doctors to treat chronic sinusitis that is clinically proven to be safe, effective, and improve the quality of your life.

Balloon Sinuplasty

This less invasive surgery is called Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP). With Balloon Sinuplasty, an ENT physician uses a small, flexible, balloon catheter to open up blocked sinus passageways and facilitate drainage of the built-up mucus. When the sinus balloon is inflated, it restructures and widens the walls of the sinus passageway while maintaining the integrity of the sinus lining.

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, Balloon Sinuplasty requires no cutting and no removal of bone and tissue. Balloon Sinuplasty allows patients to return to normal activities quickly. Read more about the benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty.

Published clinical data in the leading ENT journal shows that it is safe and effective: patients experienced no adverse events and received statistically and clinically significant improvement in their sinusitis symptoms.(1)


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