You can achieve long lasting sinus pain relief without constant medication
or painful sinus surgery with ClearPath,
our minimally invasive alternative to sinus surgery.

Less pain - Quicker recovery - Long-term relief

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Say GOODBYE to Your CPAP with the VOAT

A minimally invasive in-office procedure which effectively
mitigates or eliminates symptoms of Sleep Apnea.

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We specialize in several procedures that are designed to do just that; provide relief. Relief from sinus pain & discomfort, and relief from exhaustion due to a lack of sleep. You deserve a life filled with deep breaths and restorative sleep. You deserve a life of relief, and we thank you for letting us help to provide it.

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  • Do you have a CPAP but hate wearing it?
  • Do you feel sluggish or fatigued during the day?
  • Do you nod off easily during daytime hours?
  • Has your snoring forced you and your partner to sleep in separate rooms?
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Dr. Beth Ashford

Dr. Beth Ashford

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Dr. Dillard

Dr. David Dillard

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Dr. Dillard

Dr. David Dillard

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Dr. Beth Ashford

Dr. Beth Ashford

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Dr. Edwards

Dr. David L. Edwards

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I’ve been on the CPAP for three days. The very first day, the results were great. Immediately throughout the day I could tell that I didn’t have the urge to fall asleep. The biggest test was coming home in the car with no radio; I didn’t have the urge to fall asleep at a red light anymore.

Dr. Dillard has been really great. I really appreciate everything he’s done for me. I couldn’t put in words how I feel. Its a blessing that he’s come forward and offered to do this for me, and it really tells me a lot about someone when they do something like that.

It is just an amazing procedure, I highly recommend it. There's just no need for the CPAP machine anymore, for me there's no need, I’m just happy that I did it.

The staff is caring, their prompt, courteous, and their follow through is excellent. Dr. Dillard has perhaps the best bedside manners of any physician that I have had experience with. And I’ve had experience with quite a number. The care is obvious. Its not just about the procedure itself, its also about how you’re doing with recovery. I highly recommend this group of professional staff that he has as well as Dr. Dillard. I highly recommend it.

Based on my experience here, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Dillard and his staff to anyone that is interested in [Balloon Sinuplasty]. The way they treat you is very professional and I would recommend them highly to anyone.

Going into the procedure was great. I went in quick, came out quick, and got back to myself pretty quick. The recovery was good and I’m smiling! I was just very impressed with his professionalism and the way he is staying on the cutting edge of technology.

Reading about the Sleep and Sinus Center of Georgia was the best thing God could have let come cross my path. While everyone is different, having a Doctor that knows there practice and what there doing is key along with being kind, gentle and caring and going the extra mile to make sure you're okay is a God sent in 2019.

Family, extended family, friends and general public: if you're experiencing problems with your sinus and/or sleeping you're in the right place, keep your appointments and don't let anything get in your way you're in wonderfully blessed hands. Thank you Dr. Edwards.

Dr. Edwards is an EXCELLENT trustworthy Doctor who truly cares about his patients. After years of seeing various doctors he figured out I had immune system deficiency and sent me to a specialist who put me on IVIG therapy. Doctor Edwards gave me my life back. He also did surgery to correct sinus issues and improved my breathing.

Thank you "Doc"! He treats patients like human being not just a number.