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Chronic Sinus Pain Can Affect Your Well-Being

With the Clear Path Procedure,
you can take back your life from sinus pain,

The Clear Path Procedure can give you your life back  from sinus pain

Your sinus health journey can start today...

If you've been struggling with   chronic sinus pain,  allergies, or even  snoring,
you can find a solution at Sleep and Sinus Centers of Georgia

Chronic Sinusitis Relief

Experience lasting relief from the pain of chronic sinusitis with our specialized treatment. Take the sinus pain assessment to learn more.

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Say “Get Lost” to Your CPAP

Discover the VOAT Treatment, a minimally invasive in-office procedure that effectively alleviates or eliminates symptoms of Sleep Apnea. Gain freedom from CPAP and enjoy restful nights.

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Win the Fight Against Allergies

Going about your day only to be suddenly stopped in your tracks by allergies is frustrating. You can achieve lasting relief.

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Get the lasting relief you've always dreamed about with The Clear Path Procedure created by Dr. Dillard.

Nothing is more frustrating than finally getting rid of sinus pain only to be reaching for another box of tissues a week later.

The problem is that most treatments only mask symptoms for short-term relief.

However, The Clear Path Procedure

is done-in-office
is minimally invasive
can bring you lasting relief
(even for years in some cases)

Others have found relief, why can’t you?

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