SINUVA™ for Nasal Polyps

Woman suffering with nasal congestion due to polyps

Nasal polyps causing breathing problems and unending sinus infections? Get this: left untreated, they just keep growing!

Studies have shown that around 75% of nasal polyp sufferers have problems with their sense of smell and may lose their sense of taste. There has even been shown to be a connection between nasal polyps and sufferers of chronic inflammation in their sinuses, allergies, and troublesome asthma. Often, small polyps go undetected, as there are no clear signs or associated symptoms; as they grow, so does the problem. Eventually breathing problems and sinus drainage blocking will set the stage for chronic sinus infections

So how can you get your polyps out of your nose and off your mind? The answer may be as simple as a visit to your ENT to discuss SINUVA™.

What can SINUVA™ do for me?

As a nasal polyp-sufferer, you might think that your only options are PAINFUL, expensive and time consuming: multiple surgeries, medications, nasal sprays, all of which have no guarantee of actually permanent relief. What a joke!

Man trying to breathe through his nose, suffering nasal blockage

SINUVA™ is an in-office procedure: a non-surgical implant that is placed into the affected area, expands the sinus cavity and reducing blockage. Over 90 days, the implant applies an anti-inflammatory steroid to your polyps - and then you return to have it removed in the comfort of our office. SINUVA™ is made from materials designed to soften over time and may fall out of the nose on its own as polyps decrease or if you sneeze or blow your nose forcefully. (1)

Imagine Breathing Easier - with SINUVA™

A couple of simple office visits can really make a difference. You can look forward to a life without nasal congestion, and being able to smell and taste again. The SINUVA™ Sinus Implant is designed to make breathing easier.

You deserve the ability to breathe better and live better.

Request your consultation to find out if you are a candidate for SINUVA™.
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