Nasal Cannula Improvement

What is a nasal cannula?

A nasal cannula is a flexible tube that is usually inserted into the nose, to administer a substance such as oxygen. The other end of the tube is connected to an oxygen outlet, or a wall connection in a hospital. The cannula is generally attached to the patient by way of the tube hooking around the patient’s ears or by elastic head band.

Nasal Cannula diagram

Uncomfortable "Nose Piece"

Dr. Dillard and the AAOC saw an opportunity to increase patient comfort by designing a new nose piece. The insertion of the flat edged device into the nose (after nasal surgery) creates/exacerbates distress in the nose. This can lead to recurring nosebleeds and swelling. The domed edges have far less interference with normal nose functioning.

Cannula Nose Piece

Pioneer in Patient Treatment

This patent pending innovation is currently being used in our facilities and is just another way we are continually innovating to help better take care of you. For more information on how the AAOC can help you, visit our sleep apnea page or contact us today!

Written by Dr. Dillard

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