Feature on Balloon Sinuplasty

Dr. David Dillard featured in Medical Device Daily for his prior use of Balloon Sinus Dilation Treatment

The Entellus balloon sinus dilation [Balloon Sinuplasty] procedure is a simple endoscopic treatment that remodels the maxillary ostium and ethmoid infundibulum using familiar tools – a small balloon catheter and a micro endoscope for visualization. Unlike sinus surgery techniques, balloon dilation sinuplasty does not require the removal of delicate bone or sinus tissue because it enables direct access to the affected sinus through a small entry point under the lip using a micro-trocar.

When asked about the balloon dilation procedure Dr. Dillard stated, “From my perspective, the recovery is better, there is less bleeding; you can do it in a setting that’s much cheaper and there’s less pain.”

Source: Medical Device Daily
Posted by Patrick Gordon

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