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VOAT Procedure Testimonials


Chuck suffered from sleep apnea and was searching the US patent office for related patents when he found Dr. Dillard's patent application. He made an appointment and started using the product. Before, he was exhausted all the time and had difficulty breathing without a c-pap machine. Now, he sleeps better and experiences almost no apnea on his spine or stomach.


Rose had trouble sleeping due to sleep apnea and was using a C-PAP machine, which she didn't like because it dried her out and woke her up 2-3 times a night. She saw an advertisement for an alternative solution, made an appointment with the doctors and was impressed with the procedure. After the first procedure, she felt a difference and with the second one, she felt much better. She can now sleep better, feels less tired and can do more things, improving her overall day-to-day activities.

Freedom from CPAP: The VOAT Procedure

A patient with sleep apnea shares their positive experience after undergoing RFA procedure by Dr. Dillard. The procedure has helped to improve their overall health by reducing the number of times their throat collapses while sleeping, resulting in increased energy levels, improved diabetes, relief from depression, and no need for afternoon naps. The patient strongly recommends Dr. Dillard to others and believes that he has saved their life.

Energy Restored: VOAT & Balloon Sinuplasty

A patient with sleep apnea found the CPAP machine helpful but cumbersome. After getting tongue ablation, he experienced significant improvement in his breathing and energy levels. He no longer snores and wakes up feeling refreshed and energetic. The procedure was painless, and the staff and Dr. Dillard were caring and professional. He highly recommends the procedure and the staff.

The Gift of Sleep: VOAT

A man shares his struggles with sleep apnea, including feeling tired and falling asleep while driving, which caused stress for himself and his family. His wife wrote a Christmas wish letter to the F.I.S.H., which was answered by Dr. Dillard, who also uses a CPAP machine. After using the CPAP for three days, the man noticed significant improvement and was grateful for Dr. Dillard's kindness and help.

Feeling Better

A patient with heart condition, high blood pressure, diabetes, and acid reflux was treated by Dr. Dillard, who used advanced technology to help him feel better. The patient appreciated the friendly staff and how they made him feel calm before the procedure. Dr. Dillard's treatment worked well, and the patient would recommend him to friends and family.

Mike Craig

Mike Craig and his employee were restless and tired during the day. Craig's snoring prevented his wife from sleeping in the same room. After undergoing a procedure, Craig started sleeping better and having dreams again, making him feel rested during the day. He is happy with the results and plans to undergo more procedures.