Balloon Sinuplasty Testimonials


"My name is James and I heard about your office through a radio ad.

Very poor. I was up multiple times a night. My breathing had stopped. I had a lot of difficulty making it through the night with a restful sleep.

Made it very difficult. Had problems with trying to stay awake during the day. My wife had to move to another room to sleep.

I heard the ad and wanted to try a different procedure than what I’ve been accustomed to in the past

I’d actually had two sinus surgeries much earlier in my life. They were so invasive I decided I’d never do that again. But I heard about this procedure and wanted to try something different.

It’s fantastic. I’m able to sleep through the night, my wife sleeps in the same bed with me again, and the sinuplasty was something that was amazing that helped me. I currently have a bit of a cold and for the first time ever I didn’t diagnose myself by the amount of pressure that was in my head."

Balloon Sinuplasty and Acid Reflux Patient

J. Rowe | Monroe, Georgia

Balloon Sinuplasty Patient

Shiela | Georgia

"My health history concerning sinus problems went back to childhood. I was chronically ill from my earliest recollections; and it just continued to worsen into adulthood. Eventually my sinus problems made it to a point where I was suffering from 5 or 6 major sinus infections a year.

So naturally I was open to any sinus procedure that would help me. I have had sinus surgery in the past that did not help me. It was very invasive, quite painful, and took a long time to get over.

This [Balloon Sinuplasty] procedure seemed to be just the opposite of what I had experienced years ago. So naturally, I was interested in finding out about this procedure.

When I first visited the facility to inquire about the sinuplasty, I met with Dr. Dillard and his staff. I was immediately impressed with their confidence and professionalism in the procedure that they were performing. That certainly helped me make up my mind about whether to go through with the procedure or not.

I can say that the difference before and after the procedure was pretty dramatic. The procedure was not anywhere near as invasive as the one I had experienced earlier. There was practically no recovery time, I drove home after the procedure was over, and I began to notice a difference right away. I could breathe better and was not having sinus issues that I used to have. Now, even if I do have the occasional flare up, I get through it much faster without medication. I feel that the procedure has been an extreme success for me.

Based on my experience here, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Dillard and his staff to anyone that is interested in this procedure. The way they treat you is very professional and I would recommend them highly to anyone.”

“I’ve suffered from recurrent sinus infections. I would get them every couple months and this has been going on every couple years now. I’m getting the [Balloon Sinuplasty] procedure in hopes that it will help me keep the sinus infections at bay and have everything draining correctly. I’m also hoping it will help keep me in better health for the future, help me not have these sinus infections quite as often, and help me not be quite as miserable every couple months.

The first impression I really had of Dr. Dillard was from the sleep health conference in Athens, GA. He demonstrated the procedure through powerpoint; showing us the outcomes and the different ways it could help patients. I was just very impressed with his professionalism and the way he is staying on the cutting edge of technology.

Him and his office staff have been great. Going into the procedure was great. I went in quick, came out quick, and got back to myself pretty quick. The recovery was good and I’m smiling!”