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My name is James and I heard about your office through a radio ad.

Very poor. I was up multiple times a night. My breathing had stopped. I had a lot of difficulty making it through the night with a restful sleep.

Made it very difficult. Had problems with trying to stay awake during the day. My wife had to move to another room to sleep.

I heard the ad and wanted to try a different procedure than what I’ve been accustomed to in the past

I’d actually had two sinus surgeries much earlier in my life. They were so invasive I decided I’d never do that again. But I heard about this procedure and wanted to try something different.

It’s fantastic. I’m able to sleep through the night, my wife sleeps in the same bed with me again, and the sinuplasty was something that was amazing that helped me. I currently have a bit of a cold and for the first time ever I didn’t diagnose myself by the amount of pressure that was in my head.

Mike Craig

Mike Craig and one of my employees.

Pretty restless.

Tired during the day. Trying to find time to catch a nap here and there. Wife not being able to stay in the room all night because of snoring.

Tired of being tired.

It just took me this long to be tired of being tired.

After the first procedure, I actually started dreaming again, so that tells me I am sleeping. I can’t remember having a dream since I was in my 30s. And I’m feeling rested during the day, so I’m very happy with it and looking to get some more done.

David Dillard

Hey, it’s David Dillard from Sleep and Sinus Centers of Georgia. I just want to take a couple seconds to walk around and show you some things we talked about in a previous video about how to look for evidence of moisture and things around the house so you can avoid allergies and mold. Some of the things that can happen with an environment that tends to raise the mold and pollen count around you. In this case, we’re gonna talk about mold. Fungus, molds, mildews are all part of a particular class of animals, or in this case plants rather, that are not really producing any green. They tend to live in environments which are dark. They keep you in the dark basically. I wanted to look with you, this is the outside of the backside of the building. If you look up there’s a lot of overhang of trees and if you look down they got the landscaping with a bunch of mulch around the building. As you look at the back side of the building you’ll start to see stuff like moss. Lycans and stuff that grow on the backside of the rocks here. Those things tend to indicate that this stays damp all the time. If you look at the backs of the doors, you’ll see black which is mold. Look at the back of the door here. This door has got some basic mold that’s growing on it. A lot of people are allergic to this kind of stuff. Some of it can actually get in the sinuses and grow, which is one of the things you’ll see from allergic fungal sinusitis. Those kinds of things don’t do as well with the balloons. The sinuplasty. It’s something that needs to be looked at from a different perspective and sometimes needs regular sinus surgery which we still do. When you have this kind of sinusitis it’s from different molds that get inhaled and stay in the sinuses, those are the kinds that do well with allergy therapy like shots or sublingual drops. One of the things that you can do when you’re choosing your own environment is try and pick places which are relatively sunny that don’t have a lot of overhangs where there’s a lot of shade and try to have really good run off so you don’t have a lot of pools of standing water. That’s definitely a thing that we can do to help ourselves. In addition, when you see this kind of stuff on the outside of the house, you need to think about your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems and see what the best way is to clean that.


My name is Rose. I woke up one morning, wasn’t. I have a C-PAP machine, I woke up, I was sitting on the side of the bed and I heard something on the television. It said something about “If you have a problem with sleep apnea, you might want to try this” So I wrote the telephone number down and I called the next day. Well no, I went online. Then I called and inquired about it. I made an appointment, came in to talk to the doctors. I was very impressed after talking with them.

I really don’t like that c-pap machine. It dries you out. It tends to wake me up, so I didn’t sleep good. I’d wake up 2-3 times a night. But I can tell the very first time I had the first procedure done, the difference. I could sleep a little bit better, and with the second one it was even better. So I can tell it has helped tremendously.

If you sleep good, your body feels better. So I can do more things, I don’t feel tired and sluggish. Before I felt like an old lady, now I feel like a mellow(?young maybe?) person.

Like I said I don’t like that machine that I have to put on at night. So I said if I can find a way. I haven’t had it that long, only 2-3 years. So if I could get rid of it, that’s what I wanna do. As I’ve said I’ve been quite impressed with Dr. Dillard and this procedure.

Because I didn’t know.

I feel better. I feel better. Which means that I can do better when it comes to my overall day-to-day activities.


My name is Chuck. I was actually searching the US patent office to find patents related to sleep apnea because I suffer so badly. That’s when I saw Dr. Dillard’s patent application. I followed up from that and made an appointment

Horrible. I used a c-pap machine, without it I was holding my breath and not getting enough oxygen.

Exhausted all the time.

I was just lucky to find Dr. Dillard’s patent application, so I jumped on it.

Didn’t know it was available.

I’m sleeping much better, no apnea on my spine or my stomach, almost free of it on my back.

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